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Fruit Seeds

Short description:
The project is about fruit seeds. First TEMA did announcement about this project to people by leaflet, newspaper advertisement and poster etc. They say that: Do not throw away fruit seeds; if you put these fruit seeds to garbage, they will be disappeared. But if people overshadow and dry these seeds; in fall we will put them to soil. Fruits are not only for human, they are useful for other animates.

Added leaflets are about this activity. TEMA says to people collect and keep seeds. And in fall volunteers will sprinkle these seeds. And also airmanship group will sprinkle seeds from air that people can not reaching by walking that places.


The project was carried on in Manisa at Spil Mountain National Park. The Project time was in 2007.

Actor(s):TEMA Foundation,Manisa Government
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Language (of the material):Turkish
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