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Barcelona Voluntaria

To promote solidarity, volunteering and intercultural learning.
To promote and offer non-formal learning opportunities to young people, prioritising young people with fewer opportunities.

To encourage and support active youth participation, promoting the expression of active youth citizenship in social and environmental activities.
To combat xenophobia and social exclusion

To stimulate and to internationalise the local associative network.
To promote Mediterranean and European identity

Barcelona Voluntaria is an independent non profit making youth association founded in 1999, with the following objectives:

Barcelona Voluntaria is an umbrella/coordinating organisation.

Our regular activities are to give information, support, orientation and training to young people.

We organise local and international youth projects and initiatives, like European Voluntary Service, Youth Exchanges, Cooperation Programmes, Trainings courses and seminars. We work in network at local,regional and international level.

Barcelona Voluntaria is member of the Youth Council of Barcelona (CJB), the Catalan Federation of Social Volunteering (FCVS), the Catalan Agency of Cooperation for Development (ACCD), the Spanish network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, the European Volunteer Center ( CEV) and the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE).

BV is member-promoter of the International Non Governmental Youth Organisation EUROPEAN MOSAIC.
BV is member-promoter of the recently established regional foundation FUNDACIÓ CATALUNYA VOLUNTARIA.

Barcelona Voluntaria chosed to be part of the network Ecocitizens, because it is conviced that environmental education is education to cohabitation and respect to all human beings, of the present and future generation, all overt the world. Educating young people to respect environment, considering the environmental consequencies of their life styles, means creating better citizens.

Barcelona Voluntaria organises and is partner on regular basis youth activities on environmetal themes: consumption reduction, recycling, wather saving, sustainable food production and consume.

These activitities are realizes both in Catalunya and abroad.

These some exaples of our environmetal activities:

- in Catalunya:

  • We must act! Youth exchange about consumpion reduction and more sustainable life style; Vilanova i la Gentrú (BCN), 2007, organizer;
    The role of youth in rural communities
    , Vilanova i la Gentrú (BCN), 2007, organizer;

  • What's the wheter for youth, youth exchange about climate change, Vilanova i la Gentrú (BCN), 2006, organizer;- abroad:

  • Educating consumers, creating new citizens, training course, Lecce (IT), 2007, partner;

  • Painting our roots, youth exchange, Castelo de Vide (PT), 2007, partner;

  • If not now, then when, Ommen (NL), 2007, partner;

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