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The BET to reduce 8% of CO2 exhaust in 2 months

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Scholars bet between school board and city hall or any company from their community that they will reduce 8% of CO2 emissions within 2 months.

We can do it better! Whana bet?
Climate change is a difficult problem, what is clear is that with talking alone you will not get there. With The Bet we would like to show that the time that is being used to talk, you just could do something. After all our future is at stake! Youth challenges their community of local company to a bet. We can reduce CO2 emissions faster than they can: in our proximity (at home or at school) we will do in two months what the government hopes to achieve in the next ten years!

The Bet in 2007!
The Bet is being successfully executed since 2000/2001. By then 4000 youth in the Netherlands made a bet with the (former) Minister J. Pronk of VROM (Netherlands Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment). Due to the great success The Bet in 2003, 2004 and 2005 continued on community level within the provinces of Brabant, Zeeland, Zuid-Holland, Gelderland, Utrecht and Overijsel.

This year you can also participate in the Bet.

When teachers are interested in The Bet, they get a visit from one of the employees of JMA (Youth Environment Active) and ask them all their questions. Afterwards a guest lecture is given about the project to the students. Enthusiastic guest teachers of the JMA are giving these guest lectures.

If the school decides to joint The Bet, JMA will make the contacts with the community and guides the whole project.

For more information:
The Bet Postbus 19199, 1000 GD Amsterdam; tel. 0031 205 507 436;

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