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Education for sustainable development and environmental quality (ESDEQ)

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The project "Education for sustainable development and environmental quality (ESDEQ)" is a partnership among 5 organizations from 5 European countries and will address the sustainable development education objectives related with the local communities. Changes in the natural environment as a consequence of human activity increase at both the local and global level. The themes that will be approach has high relevance at European level: water resources/waste management, biodiversity, agricultural practice, consumerism, recycling etc)

The aims and objectives of the project proposed by the Learning Partnership were:

  • To realize a effective information/experience/methodology exchange among the partner organization/institution staff/learners;

  • To produce a adequate methodology for the adult learning approach in the disadvantage areas in the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development;

  • To train a group of facilitators (from the local communities) from the rural communities that will assure the multiplication effect of the project results in that areas;

  • To produce support materials in the working language of the project and then to translated its in the national languages in order to have a wide/effective/real spreading of the project results non only for the target group members but also for other rural communities in the participating countries; this materials will be the results of the cooperation among experts from the partner institutions/organizations, by using their previous experience, but mainly exploiting the results of the learning process in the rural communities;


Italy (first year of project) - ARPAT (Agenzia Regionale per la Protezione Ambientale della Toscana); (second year of project) - Amici della Terra Toscana - Friends of the Earth Tuscany

    • Denmark - Vandspejlet is an Environmental Centre for sustainable development, situated at a sewage treatments plant, the first of its kind in Denmark.

    • Greece - Halki Municipality - it is a local authority from Dodecanes.

    • Romania - NGO Mare Nostrum

    • Portugal - Irene Lisboa Institute

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