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Olde Vechte Foundation for training and coaching

The Foundation Olde Vechte is an independent organisation established in 1966 and is situated in Ommen, the Netherlands. The mission of the founders is to create a world that works for everyone out of love, care and cooperation. By supporting people in their personal development, we encourage them to use their freedom and take responsibility in their lives to create a world that works for everyone.

In order to realize this, the foundation has created a training centre where people are able to live, learn and work on there personal development. The board of the foundation employed professional youth workers to support the trainees to put their potential into active reality. The trainees can initiate and carry out activities to reach this vision.

The foundation is open for every one regardless from back ground and not limited by country borders, we see the world as our working dominion. However in the main target group is youth, especially youth with fewer opportunities.

The foundation specializes in the method of learning by experience as a highly effective and accessible way of learning in witch the individual is the centre of the learning process.

Activities of the foundation consist out:

  • International exchanges for youth.

  • Individual training placements (Event Wise).

  • Training courses for formal education.

  • Internship for students (national and international).

  • Training and coaching youth organizations.

  • Facilitation of training, study sessions and seminars by offering the training accommodation.

  • International training for youth workers and youth leaders.

  • Initiating and maintaining a informal network of international youth organizations called the international synergy group.

  • Composing and controlling the quality of the personal development synergy trainings; as there are the synergy basic and advanced training and the training for trainers.

  • Coaching and training the trainers for the synergy trainings.

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