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Pilot project on eutrophication control in Nuntasi lake area

Short description:
To strengthen the capacity of rural communities and key stakeholders in the Nuntasi watersheds area for environmentally sustainable agricultural practices, in order to determine a progressive reductions of nutrient discharges in the Black Sea

Project objectives:

  • To continue the environmental education program for middle and high school students (starts in 2003-2004 school year with the first phase UNDP-GEF BSERP Small Grants Programme project "Voluntary Program in the Romanian coastal watershed to control and reduce agricultural pollution"), with elements related with education for sustainable development. To develop a educational systems for adult learners from the local community in order to raise the environmental awareness of key stakeholders in agriculture and their interest in adopting sustainable agricultural practices and to connect the 2 educational directions mentioned above by applying the method learning by teaching (the 2 target groups: local students and adults have interfered in common information/presentation/training sessions in which each one will be trainer and trainee)
  • To provide effective technical support for rural communities, key stakeholders and relevant decision-makers pertaining to environmentally friendly agricultural alternatives and nutrient control practices, or to identify alternative activities (such as eco-tourism/sustainable tourism activity in the local area, that might reduce the pressure of the agricultural practices on the local environment).
  • To develop (with the support of the experts from the partner institutions) a Integrate Watershed Plan for the Nuntasi lake, by starting a pedological and hydrographical evaluation program through the monitoring of different freshwater and groundwater parameters in the Nuntasi lake area.
  • To insure a good spreading of the results of the educational/practical/innovative components of this project (and a local effectively replicabilty)
Actor(s):Mare Nostrum NGO
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